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+212608828107 contact@moroccobynomads.com

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The journey to MoroccoByNomads

Years ago, Hamza and Aziz adored making friends outside Morocco. While still undergraduate students, they succeeded to convince a few UK students to rend them a visit to Marrakech. attached to the ideal of bringing people together from all walks of life and parts of the world, they began to understand the significance of travel, not only as fun activity, but how deep it can bring the world together.

Since then, and after graduation, they both worked in the travel industry for many years, before deciding to found MoroccoByNomads agency.

We believe that Morocco, with history and culture, African, Amazigh, and Arab rich composition, and its geological diversity, all combine to give the visitor a unique travel experience. Chill out in the marvelous beaches of the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, climb the mountains for deep breeze of fresh air, trek in the desert dunes on a camel’s back, take a journey back in time guided by the monuments and remnants of the past civilizations, meet the locals and share great moments with the nomads. We are here to make sure your visit turns into a joyful journey full of excitement and unforgettable memories.